Anchovies in vinegar, easy recipe (but very easy)

The recipe for anchovies in vinegar is so easy, that I had to think twice about writing it.

What happens is that to prepare this dish, you have to consider other aspects different from the typical ones of a common recipe. Instead of thinking only about the ingredients and the preparation, in this case you have to think about the cleanliness and quality of the fish, take into account a previous period of freezing and another period of rest.

For example, Being a recipe with so few ingredients, anchovies with vinegar are better when using fresh and quality fish. And as always, when it comes to cooking fish, you need a cleaning care.

Well, we go in parts, to review each of the important details.

How to make anchovies in vinegar

Do not put your ingredients on the table yet, because first you will have to work long fish. First step:

How to clean the anchovies

If you are lucky, the fresh anchovies will be delivered to you at the fish market. But if that is not the case, here we will explain how to clean the fish.

  1. In the sink and with the tap open, wash the fish and then remove the head. li>
  2. You can help with the tip of a knife to open each boquerón along, below, in a line. The idea is that with the same impulse to remove the head, take advantage of removing the skeleton or backbone of the fish, and the digestive system.
  3. Finish opening the fish to wash it inside, and remove it in two parts that will only be joined by the spine and tail.
  4. Now you can accommodate your anchovies on cloth napkins or clean cloths, or on absorbent paper spread, to dry them.